Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 17: Very first soccer/sports team shirt.

April 16: In the outhouse at Wheeler farm with Nana.

April 15: Hiding from mama.

April 14: Play date at the zoo.

April 13: "Mama, Cookie Monster got my spoon."

April 12: Cheese face

April 11: Upside down puppy

April 10: Picking flowers for mama at the park.

April 9: Getting so big!

April 8: First time dying Easter eggs!

April 7: Easter egg hunt!

April 6: Dinner out with Nana and Papa at Chilis

April 5: Handsome devil and pinwheels

April 4: Sock yarn patchwork quilt beginnings

April 3: Showing me how Router bites things

April 2: "Mama, can we go in that building..." EVERY single day on the way home from school.

April 1: It would be so much easier sometimes...